Mother of the World Rosary
Mother of the World Rosary

Mother of the World Rosary

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Mother of the World Rosary w/beautiful amethyst, pearl, aquamarine and lapis lazuli. 18 K gold plating.

Right out of the box, the effect of the faceted amethyst with small gold spacers is absolutely stunning.

This is one of our favorite paintings by Nicholas Roerich.

In the larger picture which you cannot see here, The Mother of the World is on the other side of the River of Life, which separates the world invisible from the visible. There are Buddhas, Masters and Angels approaching up above in adoration of the Divine Mother. We suggest you purchase a print of the original.

What you do see here is this:

She is in a small oval surrounded by 18k gold plated trim.

Her face is covered. Why? Maybe she cannot behold inequity or the lower vibrations of Earth, for she is holding the immaculate concept for the planet. Or maybe to see her face might be too much for mortal men. In any case, the meaning of it is not even a question in our minds. It makes perfect sense.