Manjushri Thangka Large
Manjushri Thangka Large

Manjushri Thangka Large

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There’s something about Manjushri. He is always shown with a youthful face. The range of vivid colors in this thangka are nothing short of captivating. But let’s face it .... it’s the sword. You know it is. Long before Jedi masters, Manjushri was wielding his fiery sword of liberation cutting through ignorance. He is among the most beloved Buddhas in Tibet.

If you want to make a stronger connection to this buddha of wisdom and knowledge, may we suggest a thangka such as the one to the left, or a statue. Meditate on him while you give his mantra: “Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhih.” That sword can cut you free. Hand painted in Nepal with beautiful matching brocade and wood on the bottom with brass dowels on both ends.

• Hand painted in Nepal
• Size of Thangka with Silk Brocade: 30" x 47"
• Size of the canvas: 18" x  24"