Lady Master Nada Pendant
Lady Master Nada Pendant

Lady Master Nada Pendant

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You may not have heard of the Lady Master Nada, but you may relate to her story. 

On Atlantis, Nada worked in the healing arts and served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. 

In her final incarnation 2,700 years ago, Nada was the youngest of a large family of exceptionally gifted children. She was tutored by Charity, archeia of the third ray, in how to expand the threefold flame of love in her heart for the quickening of the chakras of her talented brothers and sisters. She chose to forgo pursuing her own career in that embodiment and, instead, kept the flame in deep meditation and prayer for her brothers and sisters in their various fields of endeavor.  

The ascended lady master Nada assists ministers, missionaries, teachers, healers, psychologists, counselors at law and public servants—all who are involved in serving the needs of others. “It does not matter what your training and what your position,” Nada says. “It is not in what you do with your hands, it is in what you do with your heart that counts.

  • Mother of Pearl
  • Rose quartz
  • Ruby
  • 18K gold plated 
  • chain not included

Wear this splendid pendant to anchor the light of the Lady Nada as she radiates love to all.