Wool Yoga Mat
Wool Yoga Mat
Wool Yoga Mat
Wool Yoga Mat
Wool Yoga Mat

Wool Yoga Mat

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In this time of self isolation and extra time for ourselves, isn't it time to get back to yoga, meditation, T'ai Chi or Qigong we did long ago. I've done all of them at one time or another.

So in the spirit of the times, we are glad to bring you a yoga mat that actually helps with your immune system. Why does it do this? It's the wool.

Did you ever think about about wool for a yoga mat? The folks in Lithuania did.

So, we went to Lithuania to get these wool mats. Well, to be totally transparent, we aren't J. Peterman, so we took a virtual trip there instead, and found these. They are large, 29" X 77". We love the look and feel of them.

Here are some amazing properties of wool. It has antibacterial properties and is capable of self-cleaning. It regulates natural heat exchange, normalizes blood pressure and restores the body's immune system. 

These are flokati yoga mats. It's a Greek word. The Greeks came up with a process where they made the wool look shaggy but are thick and soft. If a Greek comes bearing gifts, tell him you want a flokati yoga mat.

Care instructions for a flokati rug:

  • Check the tag for special care requirements.
  • Take the rug outside and shake it regularly to remove dust.
  • Every once in a while, you can rake the rug with a wooden garden rake to fluff it.
  • All flokati rugs shed a little, especially during cleaning.
  • Wash your flokati in cold water with a very mild wool soap.
  • Air dry your rug out of direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use a vacuum on the rug or the strands will get caught.
  • You can spot-vacuum with the upholstery attachment. 

P.S. Right now we are the only ones selling them in the U.S.