Vitamin B: Methyl B12 and B Complex
Vitamin B: Methyl B12 and B Complex

Vitamin B: Methyl B12 and B Complex

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Vitamin B: Methyl B12 and B Complex Time Release

From Ed Dratz, Professor at Montana State Univ. PhD in biophysical chemistry at Berkeley and 2 years postdoctoral research on molecular biology at MIT:

"Several B vitamins are crucial, with the most common low levels being in B12, which is totally absent from vegan diets and must be taken as a supplement if no animal-based foods are consumed. Some cultures eat insects either on purpose or as contaminants in flour and other foods and they provide some B12. Some, largely older people have trouble absorbing B12 and a recent study in Canada found about half of older people tested were extremely low in B12.

A more bioactive form of B12 is called methylcobalamin, which is available as a supplement. Another B vitamin that is tricky is B3, that is crucial for energy generation. B3 is also called niacin, but niacin itself is four metabolic steps away from the active/useful form. There are supplements available where niacin has been carried forward along three of the four essential metabolic steps and this is called B3/nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is highly desirable for energy.

A sugar called ribose can be beneficial for increasing energy levels and could be tried to boost energy. Supplements called lipoic acid and acetyl carnitine are often extremely helpful for increasing energy levels and fat burning for energy. Lipoic acid is also very water soluble and a sustained or time released version, such as by Source Naturals, is by far the best for this key supplement."

  • Methyl B12 is methylcobalamin
  • Methyl B12: 5000mcg, 60 ct
  • B Complex 75 mg 100 ct.
  • B Complex is Time Release
  • Veg Caps