Virgo Bracelet
Virgo Bracelet

Virgo Bracelet

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Virgo = Divine Justice

This bracelet is made of agate, lapis lazuli, citrine, pearl, and gold plated 18K materials. It is the perfect bracelet for you if you were born between August 23 and September 22 and your sun sign is Virgo. Or it could be a gift for a friend or a dear family member who was born under this sun sign.

May this bracelet be a reminder of the divine qualities that will help you gain mastery over your astrology. This specific combination of gemstones amplifies the virtues of your sign. 

Virgos are a special group of people. They prefer order and cleanliness and precision and dislike chaos. This is another Earth sign. 

If we honor their desire to be analytical, loyal, kind and hardworking, we can overlook their tendency to be hypercritical (usually of themselves) and picky.

They love to improve and help the situation they find themselves in. When they can't, they can feel sad and disappointed. When they are successful, they flourish in a sense of divine justice.

This is a delicate and elegant bracelet. The beads are a diminutive 1/2 mm. 

  • Stretches to fit most wrists
  • agate, lapis lazuli, citrine, pearl, gold plated 18k
  • Mood: sweet and patient