Mother Mary Lapis Lazuli Rosary - Hand Made

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An intensely blue spiritual stone, the Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan focuses spiritual protection, guidance and direction. Legend has it that the Lapis resists any negative spiritual energy and seals us in God’s perfect plan and light. Experience spiritual strength and mastery as you pray each day with the beautiful blue lapis rosary.

• Handmade Lapis Lazuli Rosary with gold plated links
• Weight: 2.5 oz

The Rosary

A Rosary is an ancient method of prayer with God as Mother; both in the Blessed Mother Mary and in your very own soul. Through her Immaculate Heart, Mother Mary enables us to contact God’s love hidden within our hearts.

Rosaries focus a garland of spiritual light that we weave daily with our prayers. A spiritual rose is created with each prayer as we grow in the sacred awareness of the Divine. Through rosaries given worldwide, the blessings of protection, guidance, consecration and forgiveness bless all mankind.

To pray the rosary, touch each gemstone as you say the Hail Mary and other prayers. As you pray, the light you invoke and receive will be recorded in the crystalline structure of the Rose Quartz, Jade, Emerald, Lapis, Quartz Crystal and Citrine beads. The crystals become a chalice of the light of your prayers.
These handmade rosaries are fashioned with love by women who have been praying the rosary for decades. Each one features a different image of Mother Mary. The stones come to you infused with a momentum of the light of the heart.