Vajrasattva Thangka, Medium Size
Vajrasattva Thangka, Medium Size

Vajrasattva Thangka, Medium Size

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In this very colorful hand painted picture of Vajarasattva, he is seen in his traditional pose, seated on a throne that is formed by a large lotus. He is holding a dorje or vajra in his right hand and the bell in his left. He is smiling his smile of great compassion, and he is looking down upon you with tender love. 

Vajrasattva, whose name means "diamond being," is a meditation Buddha who presides over all the spiritual beings depicted in Tantric mandalas. He is the synthesis of the Five Dhyani Buddhas and embodies all their attainment as well as the five secret rays.

Devotees who desire purification and healing invoke his intercession through his hundred-syllable mantra or a shortened form, which is Om Vajrasattva Hum. The name Vajrasattva refers not only to a divine being but also to a state of attainment. Followers of Vajrayana Buddhism pursue the path of transcendence so they can also become a Vajrasattva diamond-being.  

  • Painting is 15" x 11".
  • Thangka is 21" x 34"