Vajrasattva Brass Statue 9 Inches

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He holds the vajra and bell in the traditional pose. He is ordained with fine clothes and a crown. In the mystical path of Vajrayana Buddhism, Vajrasattva represents the principle of purity and purification. We read in The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion that “Vajrasattva embodies the capacity to eliminate spiritual impurities of all kinds, particularly neglected commitments toward one’s teacher and one’s own spiritual development.” That is a very interesting way of approaching Vajrasattva; neglected commitments. In Vajrayana Buddhism, Vajrasattva is not only a divine being but also a state of attainment. The Vajrayana school teaches that those who are close to soul liberation, or nirvana, can reach the state of Vajrasattva. Followers of this school seek to become a Vajrasattva; a diamond-souled transcendent being.

• Made in Nepal of 100% brass
• Pre-owned from Nepal
• Height: 9 Inches
• Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz.