Ultimate Omega + CoQ-10
Ultimate Omega + CoQ-10
Ultimate Omega + CoQ-10

Ultimate Omega + CoQ-10

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Ultimate Omega + COQ10; 60 ct.

Now they've gone and done it. Just when I was thinking, I'll get the Ultimate Omega with D3, I find out they have it with CoQ-10 too. I think I'll get both and take them on alternating days.

  • Ultimate Omega +CoQ10 combines high-potency, concentrated fish oil and Coenzyme Q10 in one convenient, heart-healthy serving.
  • 1280 mg total Omega-3s; 100 mg CoQ10 (ubiquinone)
  • CoQ10 (ubiquinone) helps maintain natural CoQ10 levels

From Ed Dratz, Professor at Montana State Univ. PhD in biophysical chemistry at Berkeley and 2 years postdoctoral research on molecular biology at MIT:

"A highly absorbable form of CoQ-10 is called Ubiquinol. Our bodies make CoQ-10, but if anyone you know is taking a "statin" (the most highly prescribed drug in the world) to lower their cholesterol, the statins do block cholesterol synthesis, but also block the synthesis of CoQ-10 in the human body. The most common side effect of statins is fatigue.

These individuals can continue to take statins, if they feel more comfortable with that, but they should take CoQ-10 or even better take Ubiquinol supplements to offset the energy blocking effects of statins. One final point here is that cellular energy can be boosted with a related supplement call PQQ, which helps the body make more mitochondrial energy factories in the brain and throughout the body."