Turquoise, Coral, Maltese Cross Bracelet

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Look radiant in your white dress with your sun kissed skin wearing this faceted turquoise and coral gemstone wonder of a bracelet that features a sparkling Maltese cross.

You may not be able to take the gems on your home altar to work with you, but you can wear this bracelet as a talisman for your spiritual practice anytime.

Plus, it’s beautiful! Like you.

• Turquoise-faceted and Coral beads
• Gold plated spacers
• Maltese cross charm
• Beads are about 7.9mm each
• Bracelet fits most wrist sizes

Turquoise is known to some as the master healer. It is believed to be the energetic bridge between heaven and earth. Since ancient times, it's been highly regarded for its protective and good-luck-charm benefits. Legend has it that when Turquoise is given as a gift, its healing properties are magnified by one hundred! Turquoise is a stone of communication that helps you to speak your truth, from the highest source of love.

The word Coral is derived from the ancient Greek word "korallion". Historically, this word was used to describe the precious red coral from the Mediterranean. Coral represents diplomacy and is said to quiet the emotions and brings peaceful solutions to knotty problems. Wear coral when you need protection from all negativity that may come your way.

The Maltese Cross is intended to be a symbol of perfect balance. The drawing forth of energy from on high and its manifestation in the world of form is that perfect energy beamed forth both to the right and to the left in perfect balance.