Threefold Flame Heart Pendant
Threefold Flame Heart Pendant

Threefold Flame Heart Pendant

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Threefold Flame Heart Pendant with Quartz and gold findings.

The famous Dr. Michael DeBakey was a pioneer in heart surgery and a medical device innovator. He died July 11, 2008 in Houston, about 2 months shy of his 100th birthday on Sept. 7. My good friend Paula Z. was one of his nurse assistants from the very beginning. She told me that there is a small space in the heart where heart surgeons dare not go.

In esoteric circles, there is a sacred space in the heart that is called the Secret Chamber of the Heart. They could be one and the same. In that chamber resides a flame about a 1/4 inch high in many people. It consists of three flames: Pink (Love), Yellow (Wisdom) and Blue (Power).

One of the goals for those on the spiritual path is to increase each plume and then balance them. Once balanced, it begins to spin, thus increasing the spiritual fire in the heart.

This is our favorite representation of that flame. Wear it as a reminder for yourself and others that the flame of God resides in the Secret Chamber of the Heart.

  • hand made by devotees
  • quartz
  • 18k gold plated findings
  • chain not included
  • about 1 inch