Tea Tree Organic Essential Oil 30 mL

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One of the most popular oils around the world because of its wide range of uses. Tea Tree oil is also known to help clear skin blemishes. The natural, cooling and woody fragrance of this oil acts to revive musty and stale rooms. Add it to your cleaning sprays and products or diffuse it to get rid of unwanted odors and promote a healthy immune system!

• 100% Organic
• 30 ml bottle

Natural essential oils are a must have for anyone seeking balance and progress! If you have never used essential oils before, you will be amazed at their powerfully therapeutic effects in your life. You can put essential oils in your baths, diluted in a massage oil or put in a diffuser for inhalation! Essential oils are renowned for their ability to promote spiritual focus, enhance mental clarity, and emotional well-being. An all-natural way to restore mind, body, and soul. Change starts from within! Your daily practice becomes your life and the type of energy that you’re applying to your daily purpose will determine how that purpose unfolds.

Aromatherapy and essential organic oils are a great tool for mindfulness, connection, and restoration. 100% pure, natural, and of the highest quality for aromatherapy, Plant Therapy Oils provide a wide range of aromatic and healing benefits for everyday use. Start your personal journey with this amazing practice.