SuperLysine, 90 and 180 tablets, New
SuperLysine, 90 and 180 tablets, New

SuperLysine, 90 and 180 tablets, New

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Super Lysine+ from Quantum Health

Super Lysine+ Tablets are ideal for those who prefer lysine to promote immune health and support daily lip care.  Six well-researched immune health nutrients are combined in strategic doses.

  • L-Lysine – Featured ingredient known to promote oral health through influencing arginine activity
  • Vitamin C – Trusted whole health vitamin, long known to support a healthy immune response
  • Garlic Bulb (deodorized) – Traditional botanical relied on during times of immune system challenge
  • Echinacea – Botanical found to support a healthy immune response, especially at the start of an immune system challenge
  • Propolis – A rich resin produced by bees to protect their hives; provides powerful antioxidant support when taken as a supplement
  • Licorice Root – Traditional botanical now known to demonstrate helpful antioxidant effects*

 Super Lysine+® Tablets may be used solely at times of immune system challenge. However, this formula is excellent for daily use - the specific Echinacea and Licorice forms and dosage can be taken every day.