Super Bio C, Buffered, 1000 mg, Timed Release
Super Bio C, Buffered, 1000 mg, Timed Release

Super Bio C, Buffered, 1000 mg, Timed Release

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Super Bio C, Buffered, Timed Release, 100 caps

Super Bio Vitamin C is designed to do much more than help support your immune system health. It is designed to support collagen production, healthy blood vessel integrity, bone and cartilage development and nerve impulse transmission. 

Solaray's cutting edge, timed-release formula works in two steps. Designed to start working immediately, half the vitamin C is released quickly, while the other half is released gradually for powerful, sustained support. Bioflavonoids may enhance bioavailability, and a buffer of calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide is designed to minimize acidity so it is gentler on your stomach. 

  • 1000 mg
  • 100 or 250 veg caps
  • Manufacturer is out of 250 ct.

From Ed Dratz, Professor at Montana State Univ. PhD in biophysical chemistry at Berkeley and 2 years postdoctoral research on molecular biology at MIT:

"Vitamin C is essential, not only for an active immune system, but also for tissue replacement/repair, wound healing, and moderation of inflammation. A core problem with vitamin C is that it is very water soluble and if you take a typical supplement (or a food containing Cl the C washes out of your body in a few hours, especially if you drink a lot of water or other liquids. Thus, a 12 hour time release vitamin C is by far the most effective way to keep one's C at a good level, such as made by Solaray.

The excellent Solaray product is very inexpensive. One capsule in AM and one capsule in PM normally is sufficient normally or if starting to feel sick or in need a lot of repair, two in AM and two in PM. If one gets really sick, it is desirable to take much higher levels of powdered vitamin C in water in the short-term (to bowel tolerance). However, if quite sick, intravenous (IV) vitamin C may be a good option. IV vitamin C cured many people who were having potentially fatal massive lung congestions from Covid-19. Consult a naturopath or perhaps an osteopath, that are experienced in IV nutritional protocols, about IV vitamin C. Some MDs are starting to turn to IV vitamin C. ..."