Statue of Liberty Realistic Gold Accents on White Base with American Flag

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Even the best additions to the concept of Brotherhood have only lowered it and made it difficult to attain. It has been linked with liberty and equality, but this trinity was conceived in the earthly meaning, that is to say, under conditions in which neither freedom nor equality do exist.

The loftiest freedom can be realized in the Supermundane World, where laws are understood as a beautiful and immutable reality. There, too, equality of the seed of the spirit is understood, it being the sole measure of liberality and balance. Usually the earthly statues depicting liberty are furnished with wings or torches, thus reminding us about the higher spheres and conditions.

About images representing equality there is this anecdote: When a sculptor once received an order to execute a thousand statues depicting equality, to be used to decorate a triumphal avenue, he made one statue and proposed casting all the others from it. Agni Yoga, Brotherhood. 3.


• Height: 11.5 inches
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