Statue of Liberty on a Tan Base

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“I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door,” are the God-inspired words upon the Statue of Liberty in New York City’s harbor. This colossal Statue of Liberty means far more to every man, woman and child upon this planet than a salute from France, by way of several freedom-loving French statesmen and one freedom-dedicated sculptor, Auguste Bartholdi.

This symbol of freedom from political and religious tyrannies is far more than a man-inspired edifice of concrete and steel, produced after many years of frustrated planning and of slow subscription drives for the monied man’s thousands and the widow’s freely-given “mite”--mingled monies of both France and America--mingling as two blood streams that flow into one heart to pulse life into a seemingly inanimate monument. The world-famous Statue of Liberty which guards our shores and is a much more powerful protection to our entire nation than any unascended being may realize, and which is honored in fervent song and verse, is the likeness of the Beloved Goddess of Liberty--that radiant Being of Light and Divine Love Who is the Guardian Spirit of our nation.

• Height: 12 inches
• Weight: 3 lbs.