Statue of Liberty Large on White Base

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Have you been to New York City and taken a tour of the iconic Statue of Liberty? Paused to think what this beloved statue means to so many in America and around the world? She stands and lifts her lamp beside the golden door. There is a legend  told about the Vision of George Washington in the snows of Valley Forge about a beautiful woman from heaven who appeared as he knelt and prayed. This heavenly woman gave the general courage and revealed the future of the great new republic. The Lady called him, “Son of the Republic”. Washington never denied the story. He went on to help found a country born in the spirit of liberty.

We think every home needs one of our beautiful replicas of Lady Liberty. We have several to choose from – pick out the one that suits you and your home.

As she stands proudly on your mantle or altar, think back on the sacrifices and glory the flame of Liberty represents.

Here is our most majestic 14 1/2-inch statue. Lady Liberty stands tall and weighs in at 2 ½ lbs.