Statue of Freedom Bonded Marble, small

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Freedom wears a helmet encircled with stars and topped with an eagle’s head and feathers, the talons hanging at either side of her face. Her long, curly hair flows down her back. Her dress is secured with a brooch with the letters “US,” and she is draped with a fur-trimmed robe. Her right hand holds a sheathed sword, the left a laurel wreath of victory and the striped shield of the United States.

• Bonded Marble
• Height: 5 inches
• Weight: 11.5 oz

The marble used for this sculpture was taken from the wing occupied by the House of Representatives. Every member of the House - over 9,000 men and women - has trod the east front steps, originally installed between 1863 and 1865, leaving footprints of history. The steps were removed in 1995; and the U.S. Capitol Historical Society has been permitted to use a portion of the removed marble, which is crushed to a fine powder and combined with resin, to create this magnificent memento.