Sodalite and Quartz Angel Charm Bracelet

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Sodalite, quartz and silver colored Angel Charm Bracelet. Quite lovely. Sodalite is a Greek name given because of its high salt content: soda (salt) and lite (stone) = salt stone or sodalite. 

The Greeks valued the stone for protection and healing. They also believed the wearer could increase his musical abilities. It may support the glands, like the thyroid as well.

  • 8 mm beads
  • Stretches to fit most wrists

You may have noticed that there are only 4 or 5 pieces of jewelry on the whole site with silver. This is because of the three popular medals, gold, silver and copper; only gold has the highest vibration and can help raise a person's vibration. Copper is the lowest of the three.

Silver is in the middle, maybe below your vibration or maybe above. However, purified, these energies can become one with the Divine Mother. There is very little silver on these few bracelets and some pendants. Maybe your spiritual work can transform them.