Singing Bowl, Key of G: Throat Chakra

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Benefit from the magnificence of this powerful, ancient, and sacred practice!

This one of a kind handcrafted Tibetan singing bowl will enhance your spiritual practice and connect you more deeply with your mantras and intentions. Like a bell, the tone is produced by striking the side of the bowl with the wooden mallet or you can sustain the sound by continuously moving the striker along the top edge. Each individually created bowl and sound is unique to the connection with a specific energy center or chakra. Let your balance be restored while you visualize blazing light flowing into your throat chakra!

• Traditional metals, brass finish
• Handmade in Nepal
• Diameter 6 inches
• Weight: 1.5 lbs. 

Imbalance prevents the achievement of daily goals as well as the goal of individual mastery. The use of sound and tones to help guide meditation is an ancient practice. Even the concept that our bodies vibrate at a healthy or unhealthy frequency has long been studied. The heart chakra is the midway point of the seven chakras. It's where are divine spark is anchored, hence it is the most important chakra.

Singing bowls are used in yoga, music therapy, sound healing and religious ceremonies. In the Buddhist tradition, they signal the beginning and the end of silent meditation cycles. Dive into devotional mantras, loving intentions and open the pathway to your divine self with this mystical tradition!

Note: There are two major systems that assign notes to chakras. They are the Vedic and the Tibetan Systems. The Vedic system is the Western diatonic scale starting from note C at the base chakra. It is commonly used in Western Sound Healing practices. The notes follow in alphabetical order: C, D, E, F (heart), G, A, B.

The Tibetan system starts with F at the base chakra and then proceeds with notes a fifth apart. Thus you get: F, C, G, D (heart), A, E, B. We recommend you use your own attunement. We are going with the Vedic system which is the most popular.