Shiva Statue Nataraja 4 Inches

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Shiva is one of the most popular deities in India. His devotees revere him as the supreme Reality, the total Godhead. They see him as the Guru of all gurus, the destroyer of ignorance and evil.

This 4-inch statue of the dancing Nataraja can grace your home as a reminder of maya and illusion. Repeat to yourself in times of stress, "This too shall pass!" In this way, you can overcome many challenges that life brings our way.

• Made in India
• Polished brass
• Height: 4 inches
• Weight: 5 oz.

The most celebrated representation of Shiva is that of Nataraja, the King of Dancers, or Lord of the Dance. The place of Nataraja’s dance is the golden hall at the center of the universe. This golden hall represents the heart of man. One Hindu hymn that celebrates Shiva’s dance says that “as he dances, he appears in the immaculate lotus of the heart.”