Shiva In Padmasana Lotus Pose Bonded Marble

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Lord Shiva is sitting in the Lotus Padmasana pose on a tiger pelt with a cobra around his neck. His top right hand is holding the trident, his lower hands are cupped serenely on his lap.

The quiet strength of Shiva is depicted in the tiger pelt. Why? Who but a master could overcome a tiger and wear his pelt?

Who but a master could sit calmly with a cobra around his neck. 

Shiva has no fear of anything in the physical universe, for he has overcome Maya, illusion. One of Shiva's consorts is the wonderful Kali, fierce Mother who goes after her children who are caught in the web of illusion. 

• Bonded marble
• Height: 8 inches
• Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz

When we are burdened by the challenges of life and feel weighed down and discouraged, find a quiet place and shout out loud, "SHIVA!" You can even do this while jumping up and down. We call this "jumping Shiva's". It's exhilarating and before you know it, all obstacles vanish like mist!

Try it! You'll like it!