Shiva In Padmasana Lotus Pose Bonded Marble

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Lord Shiva is sitting in the Lotus Padmasana pose on a tiger pelt with a cobra around his neck. His top right hand is holding the trident, his lower hands are cupped serenely on his lap.

In this regal pose, Shiva shows us how to be calm amidst the storms of life.  He has mastered the lower nature and sits in perfect peace and meditation. Feel the strength in Lord Shiva and let that strength become your strength.

• Bonded marble
• Height: 8 inches
• Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz

Shiva is one of the most popular deities in India. His devotees revere him as the supreme Reality, the total Godhead. They see him as the Guru of all gurus, the destroyer of ignorance and evil. The name “Shiva” means “auspicious” or “kind.”