Seven Rays Crystal Necklace
Seven Rays Crystal Necklace

Seven Rays Crystal Necklace

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Crystals of the Seven Rays Pendants

Gemstones and crystals are powerful spiritual tools that can help you in your daily life. Because of their molecular structure, they are chalices of light with the power to store and amplify spiritual energy and the divine qualities of God's seven rays.

  • Citrine - 2nd ray of Wisdom - Sunday
  • Emerald - 5th ray of Truth - Wednesday
  • Blue Topaz - 1st ray of Power - Tuesday
  • Rose Quartz - 3rd ray of Love - Monday
  • Ruby - 6th ray of Peace - Thursday
  • Amethyst - 7th ray of Mercy - Saturday
  • Quartz - 4th ray of Purity - Friday

Use these gemstones to amplify these virtues and see how your life changes. Wear them all together or separately on the corresponding day.

  • 18k gold plated fittings and chain
  • designed with purpose
  • made with love