Serapis Bey Bracelet

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Serapis Bey Bracelet w/ quartz, pearl, nacre and 18K gold plated.

Serapis Bey is the chohan of the fourth ray, hierarch of the Ascension Temple at Luxor, and the thirteenth member of the Council of Adepts of the Ascension Temple. He is also known as Serapis Soleil, Serapis of the Sun.

The fourth ray is the ascension flame, the white light of the Mother in the base-of-the-spine chakra. Out of this white light comes architecture, the principles of mathematics, the foundations of the building of the Matter temple and the pyramid of Self.

He was a priest in the Ascension Temple on Atlantis. As guardian of the ascension flame, he carried the flame safely up the Nile River to Luxor just before Atlantis sank. Serapis gives us a glimpse of this experience in his own words: “I remember well when the first rumblings of the sinking of Atlantis were present. For, as you know, the sinking of that continent came in stages. By the grace of God, the warning given allowed many to escape. And we made our way to Luxor....

“You may wonder why a spiritual flame requires transporting by mere mortals. It is always so that children of the light tend to think that such things ought to happen magically and miraculously. Perhaps a touch of the fairy tale has spilled over into religion, and people have forgot that all that has been wrought by God and man has been the joint work and effort, above and below. “I will tell you, then, why it is so—because the only place that the flame can truly abide, apart from the altar so dedicated, is the living heart of the living adept.”