Saint Patrick Statue

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This statue of the beloved Irish Saint Patrick is a true work of spiritual art. It is exquisitely crafted, hand painted with vibrant colors and highlighted with gold accents. This is resin with hand painted colors of emerald, blue, violet and gold.

Saint Patrick is the heroic saint of the emerald isle of Ireland. He stands here in full majesty with his priestly robes. Patrick was a British boy when taken by force to Ireland as a slave. Although he was able to escape captivity after some time, once he was back home Patrick could not forget the Irish people. Patrick described in his biography hearing the souls of the Irish calling to him to return. Patrick chose to go back and declare the spiritual truth to the Irish people. He famously taught the Trinity, the personal power of Christ as well as spiritual freedom. All of Ireland remembers him as a spiritual father. Patrick is ready to bless you and yours this day.

• Resin with hand-painted colors
• Height: 9 ½ inches
• Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz