Sacred Heart of Jesus Pendant
Sacred Heart of Jesus Pendant

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pendant

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus is our refuge. It's where millions go for solace and comfort. Kneeling before the image of our blessed Savior brings us home to the greatest friend who knows all our pain and suffering because he's been there too. 

This picture of Jesus was painted by Charles Sindelar in 1929. You've seen Mr. Sindelar, you just don't know it. He painted a self-portrait of himself for Quaker Oats. His face has been seen by millions ever since on that quaint round box.

Now, the rest of the story. For 22 nights in a row, Jesus appeared to him at 2 am. He asked a friend what was he supposed to do? The friend said, "I think he wants you to paint him." And so he did.

  • Height: 1 3/4 inches, including gems
  • Garnet gemstones
  • Mother of Pearl
  • 18k gold fittings
  • chain not included
  • mood: devotional and sublime