Rose Quartz Sphere Medium Plus

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Rose Quartz is delightful to see and to touch. The crystal gemstone is an ethereal light pink to deep rose color. And its form radiates a presence and acceptance of love where ever it is found. The beautiful rosy crystal has a powerful energy that resonates with the heart chakra.

A sphere is a symbol of the world, the globe. It represents the wholeness of being. A Rose Quartz sphere can represent you and your true love, the union of you and your higher self and the harmony of a happy, fulfilled family.

When you have a rose quartz sphere, it’s as though the universe is blazing love to you from all directions!

Some might say Mother Nature is fickle. We think she just  loves uniqueness. This is quite evident when she created gems and crystals. These Rose Quartz spheres are all slightly different but very similar in shape, size and quality. We'll select the best one for you.

• Height: 2 3/4 inches
• Weight: 1 lbs.