Pisces Bracelet
Pisces Bracelet

Pisces Bracelet

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Pisces = Divine Mastery

This original handmade bracelet has citrine, garnet, pearl, and gold plated 18K materials. It is the perfect bracelet for you if you were born between February 19 and March 20 and your sun sign is Pisces. Or it could be a gift for a friend or a dear family member who was born under this sun sign.

May this bracelet be a reminder of the divine qualities that will help you gain mastery over your astrology. This specific combination of gemstones amplifies the virtues of your sign. 

Pisceans tend to be very sensitive and tuned into higher vibrations. As a Water sign, they can be musical, compassionate, mystical and intuitive. 

Those born under Pisces can be in touch with fear and self-doubt and lured into dreamy escapism. At some point in life, they figure out that the answer is divine wisdom and self-mastery. It is a great challenge, but the wise Piscean is up to the task!

Let this delicate and ethereal bracelet remind all Pisces of their highest nature!

This is a delicate and elegant bracelet. The beads are a diminutive 1/2 mm. 

  • Stretches to fit most wrists
  • citrine, garnet, pearl, gold plated 18k
  • Mood: sensitive and elegant