Pallas Athena w/Shield
Pallas Athena w/Shield

Pallas Athena w/Shield

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 I love Pallas Athena and to tell you the truth, I don't really know why. It might have to do with ancient times that precedes even the exalted days of Greece. It is most certainly because she stands for Truth. The helmet and the shield and that look, Whoa, she's the total package. 

When you need to know which way to go in life, the turn at the fork in the road is obvious to her. Ask her for help.

And that reminds me, you know all those Greek God movies, where the Gods are lounging around on top of Mount Olympus and they say, "they can't interfere with the affairs of men." That's utter nonsense made up by those who don't want you to ask for God's help. Pallas Athena is one who will answer the prayer.

Keep her around to remind you to make the call.

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