Padre Pio Statue Italy 12 Inches

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If there is only one saint you have time to read about, it would have to be Padre Pio, the greatest saint of the last 100 years. His devotion, unsurpassed. His saintly exploits, legendary. His love, unfathomable. 

• Color accented polystone
• Height: 12 inches
• Weight: 2 lbs. 8.5 oz

Consider the conversation in which Padre Pio, the Italian priest who was seen to bilocate many times, was questioned about his gift by Dr. Wm. Sanguinetti, his personal physician:
Dr.: Padre Pio, when God sends a saint, for instance like St. Anthony to another place by bilocation, is that person aware of it?
Padre Pio: Yes. One moment he is here and the next moment he is where God wants him.
Dr.: But is he really in two places at once?
Padre Pio: Yes.
Dr.: How is this possible?
Padre Pio: By a prolongation of his personality.
For some, this will be a mystery on top of a mystery. For others it will be the key.

Padre Pio had received the stigmata in 1918. For many years he never left the monastery at San Giovanni Rotondo in Foggia, Italy--nevertheless, people as far away as Hawaii and Wisconsin and all over Italy reported that he came to them and healed them and blessed them personally. These visitations cannot be explained as mere visions, for many of the things he did could have been done only had he been there physically.