Padmasambhava Gilded Statue
Padmasambhava Gilded Statue

Padmasambhava Gilded Statue

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He stands 8 ½ inches tall, gloriously arrayed in partly gilded gold, copper, brass and a colorful staff. His gaze is direct and beautiful to behold. But more than that, it is humbling to look upon his countenance. It almost compels the soul of the onlooker to come up higher. All of which is a testament to the fine Nepalese craftsmanship of this exquisite statue.

We have other statues of Guru Rinpoche where we’ll tell you about his history and importance. But for now we’d like to switch gears.

A Tibetan friend escaped from Tibet back in the early 90’s. He now lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his beautiful wife and adorable daughter. He sells Tibetan jewelry and a few other Tibetan items. His father and mother stayed in Eastern Tibet. The father made his son promise never to sell Tibetan statues. Why? He considered statues like the one here as sacred and should not be sold to the profane. Maybe the father never met an American in remote eastern Tibet where the Khampas dwell.

We think you’ll get a sense of what the father was talking about when you behold this statue. Treasure it and place it in your home where a Tibetan father might approve.

• Bronze, Copper and Gold Leaf
• 9 inches x 5 inches
• 2 lbs. 7 oz