Our Lady of Guadalupe Wallet Card
Our Lady of Guadalupe Wallet Card

Our Lady of Guadalupe Wallet Card

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Our Lady of Guadalupe is well known from a painting that miraculously appeared in 1531. An Indian named Juan Diego had a visitation from the Holy Mother Mary who asked in the Aztec language that he take some out of season roses, indigenous to Spain and not found in Mexico, to a doubting Bishop as proof that her request for him to build a church was not from Juan's imagination.

As Juan dropped the roses from his cactus fiber shawl, a glowing image of the Lady appeared on it.

The bishop and his assistants dropped to their knees in reverent shock. This miracle became a catalyst for the conversion of over six million Aztecs in the next nine years.

The image had much symbology to impress the Aztec culture, with the Virgin Mary standing on a crescent moon held up by an angel. She wears an Aztec royal colored cloak adorned with stars, while the rays of the sun shine behind her.

Amazingly the picture has hardly deteriorated over the last 475 years.

  • Sturdy laminated 2x3 inch wallet card
  • The above text is on the flip side of the card
  • Perfect for your wallet or altar