Our Lady of Grace Statue, 10 1/2 Inches

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Our Lady of Grace, standing on serpent, 10.5 inches

Where did the title, "Our Lady of Grace" come from?

This is a wonderful story, truly full of grace.

In 1830, a member of the Daughters of Charity in Paris, France, later known as Saint Catherine Laboure, received visions and a commission from Mother Mary.

She was directed to commission the medal of the Immaculate Conception, later known as the “Miraculous Medal. This image of Mary has come to be known as “Our Lady of Grace” because she promised special help for those who call upon her.

Let this statute remind you to call to Mother Mary for her many graces and blessings.

  • Weight: almost 2 lbs
  • Handpainted marble resin
  • Graceful 10 1/2 inches tall