Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil 4 oz
Jojoba Golden Carrier Oil 4 oz

Jojoba Golden Carrier Oil 4 oz

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For healthier-looking hair, softer skin, or an oil for general bath care and massage this is the one! Rich in vitamin E, this versatile carrier oil is full of therapeutic benefits that can do wonders for the hair and skin.

Cold-pressed Jojoba Carrier Oil can be used as a skin moisturizer and is ideal for any skin type. Use as a daily moisturizer for dry, rough, or reddened skin. Perfect to help balance out our natural sebum oils and ideal for oily skin.

It also helps moisturize and nourish hair, treat a dry scalp and keep it flake free. All in one bottle!

• 100% Organic
• 4 oz bottle

Natural essential oils are a must have for anyone seeking balance and progress! If you have never used essential oils before, you will be amazed at their powerfully therapeutic effects in your life. Add a few drops of organic Plant Therapy essential oils to your Jojoba Carrier oil as a way to enjoy wonderful scents throughout the day!