Nativity Plaque, 14 Inches
Nativity Plaque, 14 Inches

Nativity Plaque, 14 Inches

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Okay, now this is really cool, a flat 14" three-dimensional plaque with exquisite detail. Will go anywhere.

The joy to the world which was expressed by the angelic hosts on the occasion of the nativity of the Christ flooded the entire planet with the choruses of the angelic hosts. And the joy that expressed in the hearts of the shepherds leaped from heart to heart across the fields and plains, forests and mountains, until it entered into the heart of even a tiny shepherd boy upon the hillsides of a land far across the sea. 

We think nothing today of experiencing television and radio programs broadcast around the world.

The wonders of a few years ago cease to be wonders to your minds. But two thousand years ago, this was a transcendent experience when the joy of the angels passed into the hearts of the shepherds and swept around the world into the pages of history and into the consciousness of mankind.

  • 14 inches tall
  • perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms, etc.