Myrrh Incense

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Described as one of the three gifts given by the Magi to baby Jesus. In some forms of Eastern medicine, myrrh is used for its restorative properties. Give a boost to your spirit and the soul with this ancient aroma. Often used to alleviate the symptoms of nervous system disorders. In the Western world, myrrh sometimes is included as an ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwashes, thanks to its analgesic properties. Because of its purification elements, it can enhance your aromatherapy practices and create a sense of wellness in your home. Honor your home temple, develop boundaries and create unity!

• 20 sticks per pack
• Environment friendly
• Hand crafted in India

Myrrh was one of the three gifts from the Magi to Jesus. It's not surprising that it has many healing properties. Look it up; you'll be surprised.