Musk Incense

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Musk is an Earth associative, ideal to get yourself grounded so you can peacefully navigate the stormiest roads. It’s a good incense for restoring balance and order, realigning one’s energies, closing life cycles, creating protections, and removing the influences of negative thoughts. Strengthen yourself, stay present and don’t worry about the future!

• 20 sticks per pack
• Environment friendly
• Hand crafted in India

Morya from Agni Yoga:

Do not confuse fatigue with intensity. These two states, notwithstanding their complete difference, can produce similar symptoms. But fatigue must be overcome by a change of work, whereas tension must be actually increased. It would be a mistake to allow oneself to dissipate tension. One must nourish this manifest fiery power as a precious gift. Each tension is a sharpening of consciousness. Each weariness is a dulling, but in either case let us not forget to take musk.

Ur. has wisely established the combination of musk with soda and valerian. Certainly the very speedy accumulation of musk by means of soda is useful, as it is also the continuation of the reaction to valerian. All three ingredients are of a fiery nature. Not without reason was soda called, in antiquity, ashes of divine Fire, and fields of soda deposits were called sites of Devas' encampments. Likewise valerian is especially effective in combination with musk. While musk kindles Fire, valerian sustains it as a static condition. In fatigue this fiery remedy is absorbed in order to renew the nerve centers; but in the striving of intensity there is need of prolonged combustion, in order to avoid explosions and shocks. But above all other life-giving agents is the communion with Hierarchy. Musk may dry up, but in communion with Hierarchy its strength will be promptly renewed and an inexhaustible supply of energy extended. Fiery World - Book 2 (1934) - 180

Likewise, it is inadvisable to trust in all the kinds of musk from various animals. Only the musk deer has the proper diet. Fiery World - Book 3 (1935) - 536

It has been rightly observed that certain plants have the aroma of musk. It is useful to gather information about such plants. They will not possess all the valuable qualities of the life-giver, musk; nevertheless the useful quality of preserving vigor is inherent in them. One may sometimes observe that neighboring plants begin to take on the same scent; the roots and soil may serve as conductors. AUM (1936) - 237