Milarepa Statue

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Milarepa is by far the most popular Tibetan folk hero. He was the first ordinary Tibetan to attain enlightenment. Not only that, he committed various black magic crimes in his early life but was able to overcome this karma and achieve enlightenment with help from his Guru, Marpa. The lesson: there is hope for all of us. What one man can do, all can do. Milarepa is also famous for his songs so he is always depicted with a hand to his ear as singers often do. But many believe he is also listening to the Buddha as well. On this bronze statue you’ll also notice he has few clothes on and sits on an antelope skin. This is how he probably looked when after leaving Marpa, he spent seven years in a Himalayan cave.

• Antique Bronze
• Height: 5 ½ inches tall
• Weight: 1 lb. 8 oz.