Synthetic Malachite and Clear Quartz Celtic Charm Bracelet

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Lovely Celtic charm bracelet with 8 mm malachite and quartz beads. Silver colored spacers and silver colored Celtic symbol. Malachite is a dark green carbon carbonate. It is found near copper and the amount of oxygen in groundwater affects the color.

In the third millennium B.C., Egyptians treasured malachite as a stone of hope and trust.

You may have noticed that there are only 4 or 5 pieces of jewelry on the whole site with silver. This is because of the three popular medals, gold, silver and copper; only gold has the highest vibration and can help raise a person's vibration. Copper is the lowest of the three.

Silver lands in the middle somewhere. However, purified, these energies can become one with the Divine Mother. There is very little silver on these few bracelets and some pendants. Maybe your spiritual work can transform them.