Mala Lotus Seed Mala With Red Agate Spacer Bead

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Lotus Seed Mala with Red Agate Spacer Beads. A smaller bead, perfect size for the mala counters we offer. Lotus Seed beads are dried seeds from plants of the genus Nelumbo. Lotus Seeds are important in many parts of Asia and the Indian subcontinent in everything from religion to medicine to food. The Lotus Flower has great significance in Tibetan Buddhism. Many deities are depicted seated upon lotus flowers, or in some cases such as Padmasambhava (The Lotus Born), having arisen from the Lotus Flower.

• Lotus Seed with Red Agate
• 108 beads 5 or 6 mm
• 3 oz.

Some beads are more effective at holding a charge. Pearls, lapis, amethyst, quartz, lotus seeds and bodhi seeds are a few that come to mind.