Maitreya Picture: The Rod of Power

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Maitreya is holding the Rod of Power to the left as described in The Masters and the Path by Charles Leadbeater. On the occasion of Wesak, Maitreya appears before Gautama Buddha arrives; Leadbeater writes:

"On His materialization in the centre of the circle all the Adepts and Initiates bow gravely towards Him, and another verse is chanted. After this, still intoning verses, the inner rings divide into eight parts, so as to form a cross within the outer circle, the Lord Maitreya still remaining at the centre.

"At the next movement of this stately ritual, the cross becomes a triangle, the Lord Maitreya moving forward so as to stand at its apex, and therefore close to the altar-stone. Upon that altar, in the open space left in front of the golden bowl, the Lord Maitreya reverently lays the Rod of Power, while behind Him the circle changes into a rather involved curved figure, so that all are facing the altar.

"At the next change the curved figure becomes a reversed triangle, so that we have a representation of the well-known sign of The Theosophical Society, though without its encircling snake. This figure in turn resolves into the five-pointed star, the Lord Maitreya being still at the southern point nearest the altar-stone, and the other great Officials or Chohans at the five pints where the lines intersect. A diagram of the symbolic figures is herewith appended, as some of them are not easy to describe.

"When this seventh and final stage is reached the chanting ceases, and after a few moments of solemn silence the Lord Maitreya, again taking the Rod of Power into His hands and raising it above His head, utters in a few sonorous words of Pali:  “All is ready; Master, come!”.

"Then as He again lays down the fiery rod, at the exact moment of the full moon, the Lord Buddha appears as a gigantic figure floating in the air just above the southern hills. The members of the Brotherhood bow with joined hands, and the multitude behind Them fall on their faces and remain prostrate, ..."