Maitreya Red/Gold Small Statue

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Maitreya is seated upon a finely carved, golden color throne (his color is yellow) that provides a beautiful backdrop. He is always wearing a crown when you see him depicted, as befitting the future highly esteemed Buddha.

It’s good to have a Maitreya picture or statue somewhere in your home because he is the coming Buddha. Some say he’ll come 4,000 years after Gautama Buddha. We’re hoping it might be sooner. He is the only Bodhisattva who is worshipped by both the Hinayanists and Mahayanists. He currently resides in Tushita Heaven preparing, but mostly waiting for earth’s population to come up higher in consciousness.

• Nepalese Style
• Red and Gold Resin
• Height: 6 inches tall
• Weight: 11 oz