Maitreya Bracelet
Maitreya Bracelet

Maitreya Bracelet

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Lord Maitreya Bracelet: Jasper, 18K gold plated
Ah, the sweet mystery of the Coming Buddha, Lord Maitreya. When will he appear? No one knows. It will be when the planet is ready to receive him. He is ultimately the symbol of hope and striving. If we raise the vibration of the earth, then he will come. So the message is, we all have to come up higher.
Maitreya is preeminent in this hour because his causal body holds the key to the New Era and the New Age. In that sense, he is the Guarantor of the Future.
The Path of Initiation is through Maitreya. Fear not though, Maitreya exemplifies the Bodhisattva’s virtues of kindness, fearless compassion and love. In fact, he is the sponsor of twin flames. His own twin flame came out of the great silence to help him with this mission of bringing twin flames together.
You may get the sense of this in this video. Ah Sweet Mystery of Life is Lord Maitreya's keynote. This is the best rendition ever, because it is sung by twin flames, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. Enjoy, but keep the tissues handy!