Maitreya the Coming Buddha, Gilded, 9 1/2 Inch
Maitreya the Coming Buddha, Gilded, 9 1/2 Inch

Maitreya the Coming Buddha, Gilded, 9 1/2 Inch

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This is one of the most magnificent statues of Maitreya, the Coming Buddha, we have ever seen. Gilded, including 24 kt gold painted face. Don't be fooled by the price. We got a great deal and are passing the savings on to you!

The Future Buddha, plays many roles in the various Buddhist traditions throughout the Far East. Not only is he the guardian of the Dharma but he is also an intercessor and protector, a guru who personally initiates his devotees, a messenger sent by the Eternal Shakti to rescue her children, a messiah who descends when the world is in turmoil to judge the wicked and save the righteous and, last but not least, he is the Laughing Buddha.

The name Maitreya is taken from the Sanskrit word maitri (Pali, metta), meaning “kindness,” “love,” “benevolence,” “friendship,” “friendliness” or “goodwill.” Thus Maitreya has been referred to as the “Loving One” or the “Friendly One,” the embodiment of all-encompassing love. He is considered by his devotees to be the exemplar of the Bodhisattva path.

  • Made in Nepal in the Tibetan tradition
  • Copper, Gilded with hand painted 24 kt gold face
  • Additional colors: turquoise and teal 
  • 9 1/2 inches tall
  • Includes artist's wax seal

According to the traditions of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha prophesied to his disciples that after the planet had been steeped in a period of darkness, Lord Maitreya would descend to earth to preside over an age of enlightenment. Buddhists today await Maitreya’s coming in much the same way that Christians await Jesus’ Second Coming. But whereas Buddhists believe that Maitreya is coming at some future date (some put it at 100's of years, others, thousands, millions and even billions of years from now), others believe that Maitreya has come already in his ascended Light  body. 

Rather than thinking of a past or future bodhisattva, he is gloriously relevant to us, as a very present Buddha at etheric levels, having full Buddhic powers and attainment, which he may transmit to us through teachings, initiations and empowerments.