Libra Bracelet

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Libra = Divine Reality

Libra Bracelet with Amethyst, Aquamarine, Lapis lazuli, Rose Quartz & Gold Plated 18k. It is the perfect bracelet for you if you were born between September 23 and October 22 and your sun sign is Libra. Or it could be a gift for a friend or a dear family member who was born under this sun sign.

 If you are lucky enough to know a Libra, (and I'm sure you do), you'll notice right away a sense of balance, a desire for fairness, beauty and peace. 

If you've ever been in a group of one or more Libra trying to figure out where to eat dinner, you may have come across a frustrating tendency towards indecisiveness.

An Air sign, Libras love balance, harmony and beauty. They love the world of ideas and crave tranquility in their home life.

This is a delicate and elegant bracelet. The beads are a diminutive 1/2 mm. 

  • Stretches to fit most wrists
  • amethyst, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, gold plated 18k
  • Mood: gentle and idealistic