Lemon Organic Essential Oil 10 mL

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Lemon is a unique and refreshing scent that rejuvenates and energizes your body! With its light fresh and cooling fragrance, Lemon oil is excellent for concentration.

Its clean, refreshing energy is a stimulant to the nervous system. The fresh, citrus fragrance has been around for thousands of years. This oil is extracted through the peel of the lemon, creating a 100% pure oil with no additives or extra ingredients.

Not only does lemon oil smell amazing, but it can also help promote a strong immune system, strengthen the body, and help memory. It is the perfect addition to household cleaners. Its versatility makes it a dynamic oil for everyday use!

• 100% Organic
• 10 mL bottle

We recommend diffusing Lemon oil with Peppermint to refresh your home. Add a few drops to your household cleaners. 

Here's another great tip: if you are painting and you don't like the smell of the paint, add a bottle of lemon oil to the paint. The smell will dissipate quickly and no toxic residue!