Lapis Lazuli Orgone Pyramd

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We don't think these really count as Orgone pyramids. They aren't constructed like a normal one. These have a few flecks of gold colored and copper metal in them. They are small, 25-30mm, or about an inch square.

Orgone Pyramids are based on the work of Wilhelm Reich. A normal orgone pyramid is supposed to be this: There's a copper wire curved around a crystal up top, then some gold plated flecks and lapis down below. The pyramid is made out of resin. As we all know copper conducts electrical energy. The copper collects various forms of electric energy and sends it through the crystal. The combination of the crystal, gold flecks and gems plus the geometry of where the King's Chamber would be, purifies the energy and emits positive vibes. That's the theory.

We've read some positive comments from people on the internet. So we bought a few. They felt pretty good sitting in the palm of our hand.