Lapis Lazuli Royal Blue Flat Long Rectangle

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Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious stone which for centuries has been prized for its vivid, most intensive color. Its dark pure ultramarine blue symbolizes royalty and honor, power and protection. Napoleon wore a lapis scarab and said it kept him safe through all his campaigns. (No small thing.) Deep blue lapis such as this piece stimulates faith and trust in Higher Consciousness.

Lapis of this more solid color from Afghanistan is the highest quality in the world. Best loved when it is further enchanted with flecks of golden pyrite throughout.  It has subtler qualities relieve stress, and gives off a sense of peace and inner knowing.  We think you will notice a difference when this Lapis is present. This super large Flat has the above qualities as well as adds discriminating décor, affective feng shui focus for the home or office.

• Size: 10x5 inches
• Weight: 7 lb.