Lapis Pillar, 4.5 inches, narrow

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4.5 inch Lapis Pillar.

Lapis releases stress, brings peace, serenity, inner self knowledge. It is a protective stone that helps to block psychic attacks. We think you will notice a difference when this Lapis is present.

An obelisk is an upright 4-sided monolithic pillar that gradually tapers as it rises and terminates in a pyramid. Obelisks have an ancient symbolism dating back to the days of early Egypt. They represent man transcending himself in a spiral upwards toward reunion with God, the Sun, our Higher Self. This pillar is similar to an obelisk. The pyrite or “fool’s gold” is embedded in the top and sides, indicating a very valuable piece.

  • 4.5 inches, narrow
  • 10 oz